Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hollywood/Movie Classroom Theme

So, I've been wanting to do the Hollywood/Movie theme for a while now...probably since I saw Beth Newingham pull it off! I've bought two or three related items as I saw them (clapboard, popcorn tubs) - now to find them buried in the recesses of my closet...

I've spent the past two days looking up things, and this post is where I'm going to dump it all so I don't have a billion tabs open for when I decide to take the plunge! Feel free to steal ideas. :)

Bulletin boards:
B&W Clapboard Border   |  Rainbow Filmstrip Border  |  Popcorn & Tub Accents   |  Ticket Accents

Red Velvet Rope Stanchions   |  Black Fedora   |  Plastic Tux Vest  |  Black Canes   |  Black Glitter Bowtie    |  Glitter Hollywood Banner  |  Inflatable Popcorn  |  Walk of Fame Door Fringe   |  Cheaper Curtain Option - If I could find it, that is...

And I must bow down to Thriving Third Graders' Hollywood theme from two years ago! IT IS FABULOUSSS!

 I'm torn for my hallway board...I was thinking red fabric for red carpet...but then in this post, she has this cool red curtain she has on the sides... which I LOVE.  In that case, I would need black to make the curtain stand out. It's just, my hallway boards are known for their bright colors. On the other hand, I do always feel guilty for the props and things I put on mine... because it's almost always too much to ask the littler ones to leave alone. I sometimes feel as though the young grade level teachers dislike me just a wee for that.

In any case, in her hallway board, she's got the sunglasses activity, which I've seen before on Pinterest. I loved it, because it's a fun, creative opener for writing...AND as shown in her post, goes perfectly with this theme!

More link dumping - name plates:

Fancy Stars  |  Dots on Black  |  Paisley  |  Polka Dot Party  |  Rainbow Stripes   |  Musical   |  Splashy Colors Variety Pack   |  Surf's Up  | Under the Sea (Kiddy-ish)  |  Undersea Treasures   |  Waves of Blue

Anyway, that's it on the Movie theme for now! I'm feeling a bit inspired to blog about the things I said I was planning on blogging about (i.e., Percy Jackson). So that'll maybe, probably, hopefully be soon. :) Weird, though... I'm going through a mental list of my bulletin boards, and I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what I meant by "4. Thank you, Pinterest, for my favorite bulletin board!"


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