Saturday, March 2, 2013

Where Has The Time Gone??!

I am a terrible, terrible blogger, who has little to no excuse.  I planned out all these cool lessons that I could blog about, but pictures stopped me, because I somehow failed to get pictures of my favorite one! :( Sadface. 

I did get pictures of one activity though, and I should/probably could post it soon.  This year I've been trying out M.A.T.H. rotations as found via blogs/pinterest.  My kids LOVE it.  So do I, quite frankly.  The idea of getting to see each of my students on a small-group basis is awesome and so obvious.  Downside is that my math class isn't long enough to successfully squeeze in all rotations, transitions, and explanation of stations. So it eats up 1.5 days, and puts me behind schedule in comparison to my teammates. It's a whomp-whomp. Sadface again.

So, two things dragged me out of hiding:
1) ALL THE CURSED SPAM COMMENTS ON MY POSTS!!! Is anyone else plagued by this nonsense?! Because I am contemplating taking off the anon option / have the verification code thing, which I know no one likes. (I'm having Taylor Swift ticket-buying flashbacks that made me want to curl up into a ball and die. I hate you TicketMaster.)

2) Natch, Farley's "Currently."  I cannot resist a good rainbow (obviously). It's my favorite. I will return later today to fulfill the Rule of 3 (comments/love).

Loving - I feel like "weekend" = 'nuff said, but I'd like to just state for the record... I am really just loving life right now.  Teaching has been really good to me these last few years.  I've *knock on wood* had some of the best classes with the best kids.  My coworkers are amazing, and so are this year's parents.  I'm making more plans to get together with friends I don't often see. Life is good! :)

Thinking - I'm sooooooo sorry. Literally. No excuse. I just fell off the face of the Earth and had nothing outstanding to contribute like the rest of you.

Wanting - seriously, has anyone heard of this? I got sucked in by an informercial, then trolled YouTube, found an awesome trial price, and now I can't see any reason NOT to try this system? So...someone stop me or encourage me, please! :)

Needing - And you know, I'm actually looking forward to grading. I had my students write me TWO different pieces this week. One was a persuasive piece about a field trip I was then not-keen on taking them on.  I'm almost done reading/grading them all, and I'm overall floored by their writing! I was so impressed, that I made them the best PowerPoint ever to praise them.  It was overly dramatic, and just my style. Each bullet flew in with each click of the mouse. Lots of "...." were used. They loved it! But I digress. The 2nd was a Reader Response Letter, which I believe was in the top 10 freebies section of my weekly TPT email.  I'll have to link it later, because ladies and gentlemen, THIS is what I have been looking for in reading. I've needed SOMETHING, and I love the system the creator has.

Like - I originally had this in "love," but ultimately decided classes won.  I'm cruising again during Spring Break and I cannot wait!! Oh, to have the wind in my hair as I lounge by the balcony of my room, thinking of how if I were in Camp Half-Blood, Poseidon would TOTALLY be my dad.

Also, I'd like to add Candy Crush Saga to the Currently - ugh, I never should have downloaded it. Stupid Plants v. Zombies. Terrible life choice...

Love - My classes! Seriously, my last three classes have been the lights of my life.  My 2nd graders, who are now 4th graders, are just adorable. It's so strange to see them grow into these young pre-teens! They're so excited to possibly have me again next year. It's completely endearing.  And my 5th graders from last year  - I so miss their personalities on a daily basis.  I get visits every so often, which just about make my day - as I have previously blogged about.  I miss seeing them.  But luckily my class this year is so sweet and special, that it eases the pain.  I have really lucked out, and I so hope it continues. They are why I love my job.

Hate - Okay, so I don't hate C2.0, but I got to preview it yesterday, and it terrified the bejesus out of me!  There is SO MUCH going on, it's INSANE! I cannot stand how long it takes for links to load. Honestly. I'm not sure why they stopped printing the guides, but...I'd rather have a printed version. Then I'd be able to leaf through everything so I can see what files I should keep and which I should put away, to gather dust for a rainy day.  It's very overwhelming.  I love the idea of it, because as a newbie, I complained that there was too much curriculum to teach.  I hated that we seemed to shove students onto a bullet train of learning and hoped they were fast enough to see all the sights.  Slowing it down is nice.  But it's unfortunate the way it's being rolled out in 4th and 5th next year, because the next set of 5th graders will have never seen 2.0, so they won't be used it it. They won't have whatever terminology they're supposed to have. It's just...insane.

Phew.  Keeping it somewhat light for my return post.  Some things I aspire to cover in the next post or two:

  1. Some math stations I've done
  2. How Percy Jackson has taken my class by storm
  3. Some great resources I've found
  4. Thank you, Pinterest, for my favorite bulletin board! - EDITED: I JUST REMEMBERED! It was the snow globe poetry one!
 Until next time!! (Which hopefully won't be another several months..... yikes.)


  1. I have never heard of Curriculum 2.0, but it sounds like it might be kinda crazy. Good luck with it! Please don't feel like your the only one to fall of the face of the 'blogging' world every once and a while. Life gets in the way more often than not for us. Glad we were able to stop by!

    1. It's what we call the Common Core. I wonder if it looks equally scary in all the other counties! Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate the comment. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Oh how quickly they fly away though!

  3. Ooo, I just posted a whole bunch on Math Rotations and I think I was in the same predicament you're in- I do three rotations and it works out really well :) Love your rainbow Currently, btw!

    3rd Grade Thoughts

    1. Ooh! I just popped over... you are a genius... <3 :) Thank you!!

  4. Love the title of your blog and theme, so great!

    Teaching In Oz