Sunday, October 7, 2012

October Currently

Edit: Whoops, forgot the actual link up part of this linky!! D:

I'm sorry I'm being so boring!  You all are posting the coolest things that you've done and implemented in the class and here I am just blah blah blahing.

I can say that I've made progress on the blogging in the class!  Our county has Edmodo approved... my school's media specialist and I are still exploring.  However, I'm disappointed in it so far.  It definitely has cool features, but as far as I've seen... it's not to the level of Kidblog. I'll need to create a fake student's account to see, but so far it doesn't SEEM like I can control their posting.  This concerns me.  That was my biggest selling point to get approval from all the other staff members I've brought it up to.

As far as my kids go, I know THEY will be excited because it's remarkably like Facebook.  However, since it's more Facebook-y, it's less blog-y, which is another disappointing piece for me. :(  We'll see, I guess! I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, here's the latest currently!

And hopefully the next time I post, I will be the proud owner of a new car! I tell you, being an adult is obnoxious! I never want to buy a car ever again for all the heartache I'm going through! Bah, humbug! :(

Anyway, I'm off! Wish me luck on our Open House tomorrow with the parents! I'm decidedly less nervous this year, which makes me happy.  I was also recently observed in a math lesson with my principal. I'll let you know how that goes! Our conference is Tuesday.  I may post about that lesson depending on what she thinks... I think it had some good stuff!