Wednesday, August 14, 2013

House of Hades Release (Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus)

Going to see Rick Riordan on his book tour for the release of his new book!! I can't even BEGIN to tell you how excited I am about it, because you can purchase a book with your ticket to get signed! I cannot WAIT to share the news with my fellow fan/former student! I hope he gets the chance to go as well, since he is part of the reason my love for the series grew even more...just to see his pure enthusiasm and excitement to read the next page, chapter, book... it oh-so-warms my heart just thinking of all the passion that child exuded. I couldn't think of anyone more deserving to go see Rick Riordan.

And on that note, just came back from the movie.  Definitely an improvement from the last one.  Still not perfect, but getting there.  I was discussing it with my brother - if they're going to continue this, they're going to need to step it up. Those actors certainly aren't getting any younger! There's probably no way Heroes of Olympus could get done now, however. Most unfortunate.

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