Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nostalgia Lane

I haven't really anything new to report, but the theme of this week for me seemed to be all about my old babies.  They were literally everywhere this week!!  It was insane - in a really, really good way.

Don't get me wrong - I love my new babies bunches, and we're already forming some nice bonds if I do say so myself - but there's something about your first class.  (Probably especially when they leave you at the end of the year, never to be seen again unless they take it upon themselves to call or visit.)

So I imagine this post won't be very interesting to you.  For that, I apologize.  But I'm posting this for me, because ... well, it just warms my heart and makes me feel good.  Like I've done something right, for them to be so eager to see me again.  And it's those moments you need to hang onto when things get hard.  So this is going to be a post for me to return to whenever I'm questioning myself.

Wednesday, a boy I posted about earlier came to visit. The one who sat outside my window before school and was the first voice I heard every morning greeting me brightly with that big smile on his face.  My current kids tapped me on the shoulder to tell me he was there and I was so excited! I gave him a big hug, but unfortunately was working with a current baby who took priority.  I told him to give me a few minutes, and he and his friend promised to come back after visiting a few others.  Sadly, they never did. :(  But I think he might be back since he's walking distance to the school.  I was a little sad because I wanted to tell him I missed his greetings.  It's the little things, you know?

That same day, I got a phone call from three girls.  One of them was in the other class, but I had her brother, so we talked enough.  It was so sweet! They told me all about school, the new people they were meeting, their new teachers, and how my other friends seemed to be doing.  They asked to come back to get their community service hours, also.  I now have 4 students who are interested in coming to help.  It means lots of stuff will be getting done! :) lol  We chatted for about a half hour before my battery started dying and I had to get home anyway.

And finally, Thursday was our Back to School Night.  My teammate came in telling me she saw one of my boys outside waiting with the rest of the parents and I swear to god... I did this amazing SpongeBob imitation when I said, "Reeeeally??" and covered my mouth.

Sure enough, I opened my blinds and saw him and his best friend (another of mine).  I tried waving, but neither noticed me.  So I went about my business until they finally did, and they came bounding up to my window.  Cue heartmelt!  I gestured for them to come in, but they screamed that they weren't being allowed in.  So I opened the window to talk to them through the screen.  We caught up a little, I gave them screen-high fives and aside from being really odd because we were talking through a window screen, it was just like last year.  My teammate walked in again and laughed when she saw my chair pulled up next to the window.  She said she figured we would be at the window.

Parents started coming in, so I had to step away for a bit.  My current babies took over for me, sitting in the chair and chatting away.  I gotta say, though, this group of parents is outstanding! They were early, so they all left to let me continue catching up.  Most were amused at the antics.  So my new babies and I tried to figure out how to get them in, but alas...they were rejected each time.  The night began, and I gave my presentations to the parents.

I do so hate that part - I'm just talking so much and I'm overwhelming even myself!  I can't imagine how these parents feel!  But as it usually seems to go, no one had questions, so I kept on chattering.  I had a really great turn out for the first session!  The second session only had one parent, so it was tailored towards her son haha.  By then, my boys had managed to get in, and were relaxing in my library (which they were upset to see had a new chair - "Not fair!!").  It was actually great that they were there, because I got their feedback on some field trips we had planned, which I think the parent appreciated.

Once that was all done, the boys and I talked some more, they explored the changes in my room, marveling at it, and I just.... so miss their ridiculousness.  While most teachers were getting the heck out of dodge, I was in my room just enjoying their presence.  We wandered out to the hallway when one dad popped by to get them.  He's the sweetest, though, because he lingered to let us continue.  Other staff members got their hellos in and hugs and grinned knowingly at me.  I talk about these guys so much, I think they all knew how much it meant to me.  Finally, dad went to go pick up the little ones from the daycare and they opted to stay with me for a little more.  They showed me the new shoes they were getting lol (which is just so typical).

Even after he returned with their younger brothers, he still gave me a little more time.  I tell you, this dad is the best! He's the one I was talking to at the picnic, asking about his son.  I so, so appreciate how thoughtful he was.  He gave me all that extra time when he could've simply left after session 1.

In all, I spent an extra half hour at the end talking to my boys, missing them and reveling in the moment.  It literally made my week.  Those two have a special place in my heart because of the things we went through last year. 

Anyway, that's about it for the nostalgia.  It was a really, really good week for me.

I did, however, find out that it sounds like a new baby, who I already love desperately, will be moving.  Her mother approached me after the first session and we cried a little bit together.  Oh, it's so sad.  It breaks my heart!    But then the girl came up to me the next day and I think her mom managed to find a solution not too long after making me cry haha!  So if it works out, I will be sooo excited.  It would break my heart to see her go.  Hers is a whole saga that I hope ends well.  I'm already upset one of my boys will definitely be leaving us in November.  I can't take her leaving, too. It's just too much.

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